Troubleshooting Kegbot Server

Images and/or javascript not served when DEBUG = False

The built-in web servers (kegbot runserver and kegbot run_gunicorn) do not serve static files – any URLs beginning with /media and /static – when DEBUG = False.

This behavior is intentional: serving static files this way is “grossly inefficient” and “probably insecure” according to the Django developers. As a result, Kegbot will only do it when DEBUG = True.

To fix, follow the production setup guide, which configures these files to be served directly by the fronting web server Nginx. Alternatively, accept the consequences of running a non-production config and set DEBUG = True.

Date errors while viewing sessions

An error like this indicates a problem with MySQL:

ValueError: Database returned an invalid value in QuerySet.dates(). Are time
zone definitions and pytz installed?

This issue arsies when MySQL does not have complete time zone information, and is discussed in Django ticket 21629 and in the MySQL documentation.

For most systems, the following command will fix the issue:

$ mysql_tzinfo_to_sql /usr/share/zoneinfo | mysql -u root -p mysql

Statistics are not regenerated

Statistics are recomputed in a background task. In order for this to work, the task queue (Celery) must be running. You can check queue status through the Worker Status section in the admin console.

Tweets (or other plugin events) are not sent

Plugins that report to external services, such as the Twitter plugin, require the task queue to be running. See Statistics are not regenerated.

On Twitter specifically, identical tweets – those with the exact same message content – may be supressed by Twitter. You can work around this by ensuring the message is unique, for example by always including the drink URL.

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