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Kegbot tracks and manages your beer taps.

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Track Keg Volume

Kegbot monitors every pour, so you'll always know how much is left. Each drink gets stored in the Kegbot database. No more getting surprised by an empty keg!

Tablet Keg Interface

With a slick Android interface, the Kegbot tablet application is both the brains and the user interface of your kegerator. Kegbot can support several beer taps at once.

Web Stats Server

Check out current keg status, figure out who's drinking the most beer, drill down into previous drinking sessions, and look at system stats using the Kegbot web interface.

Drinker Accounts

Give your drinkers accounts on your kegerator, and let them take credit for pours by logging in. You can use NFC authentication on tablets with NFC compatibility.

(Don't want drinker accounts? Just want to know basic keg volume? No problem: almost every Kegbot feature is optional.)

Twitter, Foursquare, Untappd, and More

If you want it to, Kegbot will alert your friends that you're hitting the sauce. You can link your Twitter, Foursquare, and Untappd accounts, and extend it to do more with web hooks.

Extend It

Kegbot is an Open Source project made for beer geeks, by beer geeks. Got an idea or want to make Kegbot better? We're giving you the source code and hardware specs for free.


How much does it cost?

Once you have a kegerator and the Android tablet, adding Kegbot costs about $129 per tap — about what you might spend on a keg of beer.

What if I only care about volume?

All Kegbot features are optional; the basic configuration just measures keg volume. You can activate more features (like user accounts) only if you want them.

Is it accurate?

Yes! Properly installed, the Kegbot flow sensors have an accuracy within 1-2%. The Kegbot app includes an interactive calibration wizard.

How long have you been doing this?

We started Kegbot in 2003, and we've been making it better ever since.

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