Kegbot: The Smart Beer Keg Monitor

Kegbot is a free, open-source software and hardware system to build an intelligent beer or beverage keg tracker.


Keg Monitoring

Always know how much is left in your kegs, with a detailed history of pours and a built-in keg and beverage management database.

Pour Tracking

Record detailed history of pours. Optionally, add and manage user accounts to keep individual records and statistics on usage.


Kegbot is a community-built, community supported project. Want to integrate Kegbot with something else or add a new feature? The code is free for you to use and extend.

Android Tablet App

Use the free Android tablet app to show keg status and statistics, right at your taps. It can also take pictures as you pour.

Raspberry Pi Friendly

Kegbot works great with Raspberry Pi. You can use your Pi as a controller, or just run the server part alone.


Kegbot Server

Kegbot Server is the brains of every Kegbot system. It manages the Kegbot database, including all kegs, beverages, pours, and users.

Kegbot Server also includes a built-in web interface for browsing your Kegbot's data, showing current levels, recent activity, and system statistics. You can use this server just for yourself, or publish it on the web.

Kegbot Server runs on any system supporting Docker, including Linux, MacOS, Raspberry Pi, and Heroku.

Latest Release: 1.3.0 (May 2, 2020)

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Kegbot Android App

The Kegbot Android App lets you present a tablet interface to your system right next to your taps. It shows current system status and realtime pouring information.

The Kegbot Android App is published in the Google Play store.

Latest Release: 1.0.0b24 (June 20, 2014)

Source code

Kegboard Arduino Firmware

The Kegboard Arduino Firmware lets you turn an Arduino device into a Kegbot-compatible USB flow sensor. Do-it-yourself plans and diagrams show you how to build.

Latest Release: v18 (May 14, 2014)

Source code

Next Steps

Ready to get started building? Visit our getting started guide. Have questions or not sure Kegbot is for you? Visit our community forum.

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