Appendix: Extra SettingsΒΆ

This section lists settings that may be added to Most of these options serve uncommon needs.

In addition to settings described here, any of Django’s built-in settings may be listed in


Lists allowed hostnames that the server will respond to. See the Django documentation for ALLOWED_HOSTS for more information.

Default is ['*'] (any hostname accepted).


Ordinarily, Kegbot will infer your site’s hostname and base URL from incoming requests. This hostname is used to compose full URLs, for example when generating the links in outgoing e-mails and plugin posts.

In some situations you may want to set this value explicitly, for example if your server is available on multiple hostnames.

Default is unset (automatic mode).

KEGBOT_BASE_URL = 'http://mykegbot.example:8001/'

When set to true, the Django Admin Site will be enabled, allowing you to browse and edit raw Kegbot data through a web interface.

Warning: Editing raw Kegbot data through the admin interface may leave your system in a corrupt or inconsistent state.

Default is False.


When specified, this setting gives the URL of a redis instance to use for temporary log data. The URL is parsed by redis.from_url.

Default is redis://localhost:6379.

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