Quick Specs

  • Microcontroller: Atmel atmega32u4 (Arduino Leonardo)
  • Power In: Micro-USB (typically supplied by Android tablet)
  • Maximum Number of Flow Meters: 2
  • Diagnostic LEDs: 4

External Device Compatibility

Flow Meters: Though we highly recommend using the KBPM with Kegbot’s very own SF800-RJ, the KBPM is compatible with flow meters that:

  • Accept +5V/GND as power-in
  • Report volume throughput in a series of pulses or ticks

Tablets: Any Android tablet that:

  • Supports USB Host Mode
  • Can successfully install the Kegbot app

KegJack (RJ45) Pinout

Pin Color (typical) Description
1 Orange/White GP0 (OneWire “A” bus)
2 Orange +5V
3 Green/White GP1 (OneWire “B” bus)
4 Blue GP2
5 Blue/White GND
6 Green FLOW0
7 Brown/White GP3
8 Brown FLOW1

The Kegbot RF800-RJ Flow Meter utilizes +5V, GND, and FLOW0 only.

  • FLOW1 is available for a second flow meter
  • GP0 is configured for OneWire temperature sensing (Compatibility limited to Dallas/Maxim DS18B20 and 18S20)
  • GP1 is configured for OneWire authentication (e.g. iButton)
  • GP2 & GP3 are currently unused.

Diagnostic LEDs

There are four LEDs on the left side of the board. From top to bottom, they are:

  • POWER: Board-level power indicator, just about the USB connector.
  • RX: Serial data receive LED.
  • TX: Serial data transmit LED.
  • CHIP: General-purpose board LED.

The POWER LED will light up when the KBPM is connected to any power source. The CHIP LED will flash and decay on a 5-second cycle when the Kegboard firmware is listening, and on a 1.25-second cycle when the Kegboard firmware has recognized connection to a compatible Android tablet. The RX and TX LEDs will rapidly flash when the flow meter is reporting pulses or ticks.

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