Hardware Overview


What’s in the box? The image above shows a typical system, where the Kegbot flow sensor is spliced into the beverage line of your keg system.

A single tap Kegboard kit contains a Kegboard Pro Mini, the Kegbot Flow Sensor, and a handful of fittings.

Kegboard Pro Mini


The Kegboard Pro Mini (KBPM) is the device that allows a flow meter to communicate with the rest of the Kegbot system. The RJ45 interface connects with the Kegbot Flow Meter, and the micro-USB interface connects with the USB Host Mode-enabled Android tablet of your choice.

Kegbot Flow Sensor

The Kegbot Flow Meter is an NSF-certified, food-grade, durable and accurate flow sensor. This device is what measures the beer flow through your kegerator’s beer lines, and sends that metered data out to the rest of the Kegbot system.


The SF800-RJ, a Kegbot exclusive product, includes an 8-pin RJ-45 connector for easy mating with the Kegboard Pro Mini. This meter has 3/8” BSP Male fittings.

Beverage Line Fittings

Since the Kegbot Flow Sensor alone does not mate with common beverage line, we include beverage-grade fittings that do.

The included fittings allow you to easily connect the meter to tubing in one of the follow standard configurations:

  • 3/8” outer diameter (OD)
  • 1/4” inner diameter (ID)
  • 3/16” ID (most common)

You may need to source additional fittings if your beverage line uses different dimensions. See Connectors and Fittings for recommended parts.

Quick Release Connectors

Most kits include a pair John Guest Speedfit connectors, part number PI451213S.


These connectors have a 3/8” BSP female side (connecting to the flow sensor) and 3/8” outer diameter push-fit connection. If your beverage line is 3/8” OD, it will simply push into this connector.

Stem/Barb Connectors

Most kits also include a pair of John Guest Stem Barb Connectors, part number PI251208S.


These connectors have a 3/8” outer diameter stem (which fits into the quick disconnect fittings) and a 1/4” inner diameter barb. Not required on all systems, these connectors are useful for mating with tubing that does not fit into the quick release connectors.

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