About Kegbot

Kegbot is a free, open source project, created in 2003 by Mike Wakerly. Kegbot is supported today by a community of volunteers and enthusiasts.

Help & Support

Kegbot is run by volunteers. We do not offer emailed help or support, or any other forms of official support.

If you have a question or are looking for help, we recommend you visit the community forum and search for the topic you're interested in.


We're always open to patches, documentation improvements, new ideas, and technical contributions! The best way to contribute is to send us a pull request on GitHub for the Kegbot project you're modifying.

You can also get in touch in the Developers forum.

Purchasing Hardware

We do not sell anything, including hardware. If someone is offering Kegbot hardware, it's likely a kit they've built based on our plans, or a misuse of our name.

In 2014, Bevbot LLC ran a sucessful Kickstarter campaign, producing the Kegboard Pro Mini controller and some related accessories. These products are all discontinued.

Commercial Uses

We do not recommend, and in any case cannot directly support, use in commercial settings like bars, breweries, and restaurants. However, you are absolutely free to use Kegbot however you wish under the terms of its license.

License & Copyright

All Kegbot software is offered under a free and open source license. See the LICENSE.txt file in each project for more details.

Copyright for all Kegbot software is owned and held by its contributors. The name "Kegbot" is a trademark, please don't use it for other things.

© 2020, The Kegbot Project contributors