What you need to make a Kegbot:

  • Kegerator
    Most of our recommended kegerators include all of the below
    • Keg Refrigerator
    • Draft Tower w/ Faucet
    • CO2 Regulator
    • CO2 Cylinder
    • Keg Coupler
    • Beer Line
    • CO2 Line
  • Tablet w/ Android 4.0+ and USB Host Support
    • Mount for Tablet
  • Kegbot Hardware
    • Kegboard Pro Mini
    • micro-USB cable included
    • Kegbot Flow Meter
    • barbed fittings included
  • Recommended Accessories
    • OTG Cable - if tablet does not have full-size USB port
    • Either:
      • USB OTG Connector
      • If tablet has a micro-USB port and separate dedicated power supply
      • USB OTG & Power "Y" Connector
      • If tablet has a micro-USB port that splits duty between powering the tablet and connecting peripherals

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