Kegbot Server Overview

Kegbot Server is the web service behind Kegbot. It serves as both a frontend for visual navigaton of drinking activity, as well as the backend for all Kegbot data.

Quick Install

New: The easiest way to get going is by following the Digital Ocean Install Instructions.

For those already familiar with Linux, these ultra-quick install instructions may suffice:

$ virtualenv ~/kb                 # create a new home for kegbot
$ . ~/kb/bin/activate             # step into it
(kb) $ pip install kegbot         # install the latest kegbot release
(kb) $            # interactive configuration tool
(kb) $ kegbot runserver           # run the dev web server
Development server is running at

Read on for detailed, step-by-step instructions.


Kegbot Server is built on a number of open source projects. The major dependencies are:

In addition, Kegbot Server requires several Python modules which are installed automatically by the Python package manager.

Supported Operating Systems

Kegbot Server should run on any UNIX-based operating system. Since there are many possible distributions, the examples in this document are written for Debian/Ubuntu and Mac OS X (Homebrew) package managers.


Kegbot Server is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2.0. You must accept this license before installing or using Kegbot Server.

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