Assembling a Coaster

Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions

Step 1: Discretes


To begin, solder one 1k resistor (Brown-Black-Red-Gold) to the kegboard-coaster PCB. Follow the same steps as above (Bend resistor, place on PCB, solder, cut off excess wire leads, inspect solder joint).


Next, solder the yellow ceramic capacitor to the kegboard-coaster PCB. Ceramic capacitors are not polarized so you can put them in “either way” and they work fine.


Step 2: Temperature Sensor

Next, solder the Onewire temperature sensor (DS18B20) to the kegboard-coaster PCB. Make sure the flat side of the temperature sensor matches the outline on the silkscreen. Bend the middle pin slightly forward to help when inserting the part into the kegboard-coaster PCB.


Step 3: LED

Next, solder the LED (Green) to the kegboard-coaster PCB. The negative (-) pad for the LED is not marked on the kegboard-coaster PCB. The negative or short pin of the LED should be soldered into the pcb towards the blue screw terminals, with the longer pin closer to the temperature sensor.


Step 4: Jacks

Next, solder the three 6-pin FlowOnewireGPO screw terminals to the kegboard-coaster PCB. Gang up two 3-pin screw terminals to make each 6-pin set. Hold in place with tape to prevent movement during soldering.

../_images/69.jpg ../_images/70.jpg

Next, solder the RJ45 jack to the kegboard-coaster PCB.

../_images/71.jpg ../_images/72.jpg ../_images/73.jpg

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