General issues

Kegboard CHIP or POWER LEDs do not light

If the POWER LED is not lighting, double check your power source and USB cable.

If still not lighting, contact support.

Troubleshooting Android

Kegboard LEDs do not light up

Your tablet is probably not supplying power to the Kegboard. You can confirm this by testing the board without Android, following the steps in Verify the Kegboard Pro Mini.

One possible remedy is a USB OTG Power-Y Cable, which can be used to concurrently power a tablet while charging. (Please note the important warnings on that product page)

Kegboard LEDs light up, but tablet does not recognize the Kegboard

The tablet is not recognizing the Kegboard as a USB device. This can happen when the OS does not properly support Android USB Host mode, which is an unfortunate reality of the diverse Android ecosystem.

There are a few troubleshooting tools which may help:

USB Host Diagnostics tool

Download USB Host Diagnostics app from the Play Store. Allow superuser access if requested. Follow the onscreen instructions to get critical USB OTG data for your device.

After completing the diagnostic flow, check the output information - whether your API/Kernel claims support. If the output does not claim support, your options with this device are limited.

USB Host Check tool

Download the USB Host Check app from the Play Store. Allow superuser access and try the fix. Restart tablet and re-test the kegboard.

Other options

If you simply cannot get any of these methods to work, your tablet likely does not support USB OTG in any capacity.

If you’re comfortable with hacking and rooting devices, search Google for possible ways to enable USB OTG on your tablet. Otherwise, a good resource is the compatibility discussion in the Kegbot forum. The good news is that cheap (~$60) devices exist that support USB OTG out of the box.

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