Tablet Setup

Now that you’ve got the flow meter in your beer line, its RJ45 connection available outside your refrigeration unit, and maybe even kegbot-server up and running, you are ready to set up your Android tablet.

Getting your tablet powered and talking to the Kegboard can be somewhat involved; review the tablet requirements if in doubt.

Install the app

The Kegbot Android App is available as a free downlaod from Google Play.

Navigate to Play on your tablet and search for Kegbot, or use this direct link to download the app.

If you don’t have access to Kegbot Android App on the Play Store, you can download the apk here

Once the app is installed, follow the on-screen setup instructions.

Connect Kegboard Pro Mini

With the app installed, connect the Kegboard to your tablet. If your tablet requires a USB OTG connector, plug it in first, then plug the Kegboard into that.

The Kegbot app should launch automatically when you connect the device. (If you see a permission prompt from Android, click “Allow”.) If not, see the Android troubleshooting section.

Final steps

If you haven’t already, plug the flow meter into the Kegboard’s KegJack.

Within the Kegbot app, tap ‘New Drinker’ and complete the sign-up flow for everybody eagerly waiting in line for a drink. Tap ‘Beer Me’, choose your drinker account, and pour a drink!

Extra Credit: Mount your tablet and show us your build in The Beer Hall!

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