Server Setup

Kegbot can be used with or without Kegbot Server, its comprehensive web interface. You can see a demo server at

Before continuing with installation, you should decide whether you want to use server, and if so where you will run it.

Standalone mode


While available in the Google Play Store, this feature is still considered beta!

The Kegbot Android App can operate in “standalone mode”: no server is required, and internal storage is used for all bookkeeping data (tap status, number of pours, and so on).

Standalone is the simplest and easiest way to get started. However, because there is no web server, a number of features are not available:

  • No browseable web interface.
  • Limited statistics and user interface.
  • No integration with external sites like Twitter and Untappd.
  • No built-in tool to migrate data to a hosted server.

Standalone mode was introduced with simplicity in mind, so this list is unlikely to shrink. However, if you’re just getting started or want to play around, it’s an easy way to do so.

If you’d like to use standalone mode, you can skip to Tablet Setup.

Server mode

In server mode, the Kegbot app reports data back to a Kegbot Server, which can be running on your local network or anywhere on the internet.

Server mode unlocks the full potential of Kegbot, streaming drink data back to your server for comprehensive analysis and reporting.

Kegbot Server on Raspberry Pi


We’ve create a simple package for Raspberry Pi, called Kegberry. Kegberry installs the Kegbot Server and all prerequisites on your Raspberry Pi running Raspbian.

For detailed instructions, head on over to the Kegberry project page.

Kegbot Server on another machine

Kegbot Server can run on Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, or any other unix-like machine where its core dependencies (Python, MySQL/Postgres/SQLite) can be met.

For full instructions, see the Kegbot Server Guide.

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