Appendix: Accessories and Extras

Like a good craft brew, many Kegbot installs can be quite unique. This section lists some add-ons that may be handy in certain builds.

USB Cables and Connectors

The Kegbot Store sells a standard USB OTG Connector, as well as a USB OTG “Y” Connector that can be used with devices requiring extra power.

An unpowered USB splitter can come in handle for certain setups, and one can never have too many micro USB power supplies.

Connectors and Fittings

We realize that there are many different beer line dimensions available for any given kegerator setup. If your beer line doesn’t match one of the supported sizes, you may need to purchase additional connectors.

Hose clamps

For added security, hose clamps can be added around beverage line splices and junctions. Worm/screw clamps, plastic snap clamps, stepless clamps, and O-clamps can all work.

Union Connector

A union connector can be a useful part in your connector bin; it allows you to remove the Kegbot Flow Sensor and reconnect your beer line (for example, during cleaning).

Extending the SF800-RJ Cable

Users needing a little extra cable length have reported success by using an RJ-45 coupler. This “straight through” adapter is compatible with the connector’s pinout.


Because of the sensitivity of the signals transmitted through it, we do not recommend extending the length of the SF800-RJ cable beyond its stock configuration. If you experience degraded accuracy in meter readings, discontinue use of this coupler.

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