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Kegtab is designed to be running continuously on a tablet installed on or near your beer tab. It supports the following major features:

  • Live Status: While pouring, Kegtab shows the volume poured so far. When not pouring, Kegbot shows each tap’s keg status, including total volume served and temperature.
  • USB Kegboard Support: Plug a Kegboard directly into your tablet; Kegtab uses Android’s USB Host APIs to directly communicate with the hardware.
  • Drinker Authentication: Users can log in through an on-screen UI or use special access tokens such as RFIDs to start a pour.
  • Drinker Registration: New drinkers can sign up for an account and upload a picture right from the main screen. Managers can disable this feature to limit new registrations.
  • Flow Manager (Kegbot Core): Kegtab implements the full Kegbot “Core”, responsible for all pour logic and flow processing.
  • Beer Goggles (Camera Support): Kegtab will automatically snap a picture using the front-facing camera a few seconds after the pour starts. Don’t worry, Kegtab shows a live preview, and you can cancel or delete the picture.
  • Shout Box: During a pour, an editable text box lets drinkers leave a short message along with their pour.
  • Manager PIN: Certain screens are protected with an optional manager PIN, preventing unauthorized access.
  • Bling Tones: Kegtab will play manager-configured sound files at certain pour volume checkpoints.
  • Twitter, Untappd, and more using Kegbot Server: Because the Kegtab app is backed by a Kegbot Server, all server-side post-pour features like automatic checkin are automatically supported.


Kegtab is compatible with a growing number of Android devices. The following are the minimum requirements:

  • Android Version: 4.0+
  • Required Features: USB OTG support.
  • Recommended Features: Front-facing camera.
  • Screen Size: hdpi or larger.

Not all Android devices are created equal. Please see the most up-to-date list of recommended Android devices on the Kegbot home page.

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