Official documentation for building and running your Kegbot.

Main Documentation

Getting Started Guide

The main setup guide for Kegbot. You'll build your system by following this guide. Recommended reading for all users.

Kegbot Server Install Guide

Covers installing and updating Kegbot Server on your own Linux machine.

Kegbot Android Manual

Information about our Android App, including change history and troubleshooting tips.

KBPM Owner's Manual

General information about the Kegboard Pro Mini. Includes troubleshooting tips and firmware information.

Kegbot API

Developer reference for the Kegbot API. Not recommended for beginners.

Other Documentation

Kegboard Firmware Manual

Information about building and flashing the Kegboard firmware. Works with the Kegboard Pro Mini or your own DIY Arduino board.

Kegboard DIY Assembly Guide

Want to build your own Kegboard controller from scratch, using an Arduino? This guide walks you through it. Not recommended for beginners.

Pycore Manual

Installation instructions for Pycore, our legacy, command-line flow processing software. Not recommended for beginners.

Getting Help

Please see our support section. The best resource for new Kegbotters is the Kegbot Forum.

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