How accurate is Kegbot?

A properly installed and mainted system is very accurate. We routinely see less than a 1-2% margin of error, which is the published accuracy of the underlying flow sensor.

The Kegbot app includes a built-in calibration wizard, so you can adjust the behavior depending on your system.

Can I disable features I'm not interested in?

Absolutely. We've built many Kegbot systems and realize one size does not fit all. Most Kegbot features are optional and can be disabled.

I don't want to share my drinking history. Can I still use Kegbot?

Yes. Kegbot Server has system-wide privacy settings. The manager of a server can place it in "Members Only" mode (only authorized users can view data), or disable all public access entirely.

In addition, Kegbot can't prevent you from pouring anonymously unless there is a solenoid valve — an optional component that most Kegbot users do not install.

Why not use another type of sensor, such as a scale?

Simply put, we've had the best results from inline flow sensors. They work well, don't tend to require calibration, and are available relatively cheaply. Scale-based systems we've seen have been more brittle, more expensive, or both.

That said, the sensing component is mostly decoupled from the rest of the Kegbot stack. So if a better sensor becomes available, it should be simple to add support for it, without major changes in the app or server.

Can Kegbot cut drinkers off according to BAC?

No. Absorbed BAC varies from person to person (and many other factors), and can only be approximated — poorly.

Responsible drinking is a job for humans, not bots.

When was Kegbot created?

Kegbot was started in late 2003. By 2004, the system stabilized and mail list opened up, and in 2005, Kegbot was written up in Popular Science, MAKE Magazine, and several other places.

We're pretty certain that Kegbot was the very first open source project to bring keg volume, keg access control, and the internet all together!


I've got an idea! How do I contribute to Kegbot?

The best way to get started is to send us a bug report or pull request on Github. You can also chat with Kegbot devs in #kegbot on freenode.

Licensing, Branding

How can I use Kegbot in my bar?

Right now, our focus is on supporting non-commercial, home/office users.

However, we're constantly working on new opportunities for Kegbot, and we do know of multiple commercially-installed Kegbot systems. For more information, contact our parent company, Bevbot LLC.

Can I use the name "Kegbot" in my own project/product?

We've worked hard for our name! Especially because of misunderstandings in the past, we kindly ask that you do not use the Kegbot name without our prior written permission.

We always make an exception for free, open source projects that are designed to work with the Kegbot system: for example, kegbot-api-java or kegbot-friendster-plugin.

If in doubt, get in touch! We're nice, and will try to respond quickly.